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27–28 February, 2020 | EXPOFORUM


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For the purpose of sustainable development of society and economy, it is necessary to consider the labour development trajectories. Human capital is the basis of economic development. The accumulation of human capital has a positive effect on the growth of production, contributes to technical progress and the growth of labour productivity. Economic and social projects are incomplete without the human capital factor.

The aim of the Forum:
Defining economic growth points that based on the human capital development.

Forum tasks:

  • To form a deep understanding of the trends in the transformation of the labour sphere among specialists;
  • To outline the contours of the labour market in the medium (2025) and long-term (2030) perspective;
  • To provide a base for a roadmap of the human capital development and the economic growth in Russia;
  • To develop strategic proposals and practical recommendations;
  • To design Employment Service 2.0.

The agenda and Forum topics are formed for the following audience:

  • Lawmakers and civil servants;
  • Owners, company executives, HR specialists;
  • Representatives of science and education;
  • Representatives of civil society, youth.

The architecture of the Forum program includes the main directions (tracks):


  • Labour productivity # productivity
  • Social challenges and regulatory patterns #challenge
  • HR Technologies #hrtech
  • Safety and labour protection #safety
  • Human capital and open education # education


Within the frameworks of the track «Social Challenges and Regulatory Models», the Forum program includes a number of partner events:

  • Saint-Petersburg International Youth Labour Forum. The task of the Forum is to develop optimal employment models for graduates. In accordance with this objective it is vitally important to analyze the best practices of universities and secondary vocational schools directed at reducing the period of adaptation of the graduate to the workplace requirements from several years to several months.
  • International Economic Symposium «Sustainable Development: Society and Economy»
  • Conference of regional authorities in the field of labour and employment
  • Book Salon of the Labour Forum — meetings with authors and presentations of new publications on human capital and management.
  • The award of the best implemented solutions in the field of personnel management and personnel design «HR-case»


Labour productivity, productivity growth drivers.

Increasing labour productivity is one of the few resources for economic growth. In the Soviet Union, additional productivity was supported by socialist competition. This political experiment proved that the ideal instruments of encouragement are the optimization of the ratio of the content of work, its remuneration, on the one hand, and spiritual needs, social expectations and preferences of workers, on the other hand. This means that additional productivity can rely on social factors… All new motivation systems have adopted these methods of ideal incentives. However, to what extent do they work now?

#challenge International Scientific and Practical Conference «Sustainable Development: Society and Economy»

  • Tax regulation of the labour market in the digital economy
  • Efficiency and quality of managerial work: challenges of the digital economy
  • Digital literacy in the workplace


Social challenges and regulatory models

Digital generation. How to work with generation Z

The generation of 20-year-olds will soon rule the country, build a business and shape development vectors in all areas of life. How do the 20-year-olds see the world, what drives them, what does this generation want? Scholars argue that for new specialists material incentives have not been the main motivating factors in work for a long time. The presence of a higher goal and a creative element associated with the positive transformation of the world is increasingly becoming the main requirement for the workplace. What motivators does the digital generation consider most effective, how they see a professional of the 21st century?

  • Section 1: "How to work with 20 year olds"
  • Section 2: "Career guidance for youth"

Providing services to citizens through online aggregators: legal and social consequences.

Control activities in the labour sphere in the new realities: paperless technologies, online platforms, etc.,

  • Affordable working environment for people with disabilities.
  • 100 years of female equality: the main stages and results.
  • Labour migration in Russia and foreign countries: trends, challenges, prospects.

Modern social reality is not possible without migration. States strive to use international migration as resource for the development of national human capital, the economy and the social sphere. At the same time, the regulation of migration flows should be carried out by introducing requirements for professional qualifications, education, and age.


In the track program:

  • Market professions vs competencies.
  • Digital technology and the transformation of the world of work:

Transformation of the world of work and social risks.

The digitalization and distribution of Industry 4.0 products causes a radical transformation in the world of work, with a great amount side effects. New risks are added to old risks and conflicts. New processes are being formed, the consequences of which are not fully understood: the introduction of artificial intelligence, the spread of paperless workflow, the replacement of the leadership type of management with well-calculated and reasoned decisions based on Big Data computer processing. Within the framework of this panel, scientists and practitioners will discuss this issue. What are the risks of a digital economy for Russia?

Artificial intelligence for business and productivity growth: myths and reality.

  • Hackathon aimed at development of effective HR-programs.


Human capital and open education.

  • Models of continuing education;
  • Network education;
  • University of the XXI century and new technologies;
  • The exhibition «Open Education – horizons of online learning».


Youth quest marathon «Training in labour protection. How to get the most out of it?»
Quest (business game «by stations») is the most active option for conducting full-time training for specialists.

The Forum program is under development. We are looking forward to your comments, suggestions on panels and speakers, materials that will be interesting and useful to the participants andthedelegates of the Forum, by email:

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